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Exterior Dec

We created this service for the discriminating client who sees the selection of furniture and ornament for any exterior as a priority...we solve problems, be it for a garden, patio, pool, or terrace of a residence or commercial location. Garden furniture should not be at "the end of the food chain"; in other words, not an afterthought but equally weighted as an essential element of any balanced home. After all, what is a garden if you don't have well-designed, comfortable seating to enjoy it?

This service is for those who make carefully considered purchases which visually enhance the exterior. Often we are introduced to a project by trade professionals — landscape architects, garden designers, architects, interior designers — they value our specific knowledge of the market.

Our goal is to capture the spirit of the place, acknowledge the architecture, the circulation, understand the landscape as well as meet the particular lifestyle needs of the client. Years researching and lecturing about the history of gardens and their design has provided us with the relevant perspective which we apply to current trends, material adaptability and usage. We are not just a product company, we select and place furniture and objects within an interpretive context.

We reverse the design process. We believe the setting defines the furniture rather than the furniture defining the space. This approach is logical, yields a better solution and thus it is essential to make at least one site visit.  Remember, the different garden areas may require different styles. Not unlike indoors, the best outdoor spaces mix and match designs and materials which give it your unexpected personal style. We are skilled at combining newly-made items with antiques.

We are always on the lookout with our worldwide contacts — antique dealers, shops and auction houses — who handle Garden Appointments. Our 20 years of garden travels has resulted in  a library which includes thousands of slides, scrapbooks in 87 categories, reference books as well as vintage and commercially available product catalogs worldwide.

Because we have this impressive archive, we remain open to ideas about what will work at a site.  Thus, we regularly purchase from competitors if their designs best suit the project's needs.  We acknowledge that our competitors make terrific things and we prefer to think of them not as competition but as a invaluable resource.

20 years as garden furniture designers have taught us a few "tricks"... we work on houses from Historic to Ultra-Modern.  The furniture firm of Munder-Skiles with its 128 designs has a hands-on approach with design, production and distribution all under one roof. This preferred approach gives us great control and the experience to supply unique design ideas if necessary. Logically, we try to schedule custom design work for the cold off-season months.

On-Site Visits consist of a complete walkthrough, a review of past and future plans for the house and landscape, and comprehensive photography which includes all views from inside and outside the house. We study the architecture and the circulation needs. This groundwork is followed by a discussion to understand the client's style of living and particular requirements. The gathered information and preliminary ideas are then compiled into a summary reviewed with the client and/or an appointed Design Trade Professional. We prepare a selection of appropriate choices in various seating types, tables, and ornaments. Depending on the project size, a written program by area is prepared with photography, drawings, and the preliminary budget/timetable.



For the Individual Client who contracts for The Exterior Decorator® Services:  the fees are billed as listed below. Under this advice agreement, our trade discounted prices are passed to the individual for purchases of Munder-Skiles products.  When purchasing non-Munder-Skiles products on behalf of clients, we act as advisors, rather than resellers, for a 25% fee added to vendor’s lowest net price, and we do lower our rate to 20% on antiques over $2000.  In this capacity, we prepare purchase orders for the client to be the “purchaser of record” by paying directly to the vendor, including any applicable sales tax.  All shipping and handling charges are subject to a fee not to exceed 20% of the delivery.

For the Design Trade who contracts for The Exterior Decorator® Services on behalf of their clients:  The Trade will receive 20% of John Danzer’s hourly Design Advisory Fees as listed below, in consideration for bringing us to the project.  Munder-Skiles product purchases are billed to the Design Trade at our trade prices.

When purchases are made on behalf of the Design Trade for non-Munder-Skiles product, we bill at the net price plus a 20% finder’s fee, and 18% on antiques over $2000.  All shipping and handling charges are subject to a fee not to exceed 20% of the delivery. The Design Trade may apply their own contractual fees for their design input.

If what is presented here does not meet your needs, an alternative financial arrangement may be presented in writing.