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John Danzer's foray into the field of garden furniture design began as a recreational interest. His curiosity about the design of the furniture for any outdoor space grew into passionate research and collecting.  All of his discoveries which includes archives of designers, collections of valuable examples, an extensive library of books, new and antique catalogs are organized in a usable digital library of more then 10,000 images along with scrapbooks covering 50+related topics. In 1991, his reputation in the little studied field of garden furniture design history expanded even further after he lectured at the Victoria & Albert Museum.  Today he regularly addresses decorative arts, design and horticultural organizations. 

In 1992, John started Munder-Skiles to produce quality garden furniture.  Firmly grounded in John's knowledge of garden furniture history and material science, the company is recognized for its artisan-like standards of comfort, craft and proportion.  John's modernist/ergonomic Taconic Chair™ received the 1994 Roscoe Award as the "Best American Chair"- the first time a garden seat had been so honored.  The New York School of Interior Design staged a 10-year retrospective of Munder-Skiles in 2000 called "Reinventing the Garden Seat", another first in the industry.  John was nominated by the Cooper-Hewitt for a 2005 National Design Award in Landscape Architecture.

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"John Danzer has done more to integrate exterior and interior design than anyone working today. His obsessive fascination with the subject makes him the 'change agent' we all need."

                         -Albert Hadley

Munder-Skiles offers a distinctive and customizable collection of 150+ wood and metal designs, in styles ranging from historical to ultra-modern.  Many of the designs are licensed from historic houses or taken from wonderful old designs and reworked for modern settings.  The work of the firm over the past 18 years is published in a Design Portfolio, also available online

Encouraging clients to keep outdoor furniture in context with its surroundings led to the formation of an on-site specifying exterior consultancy, gaining John international recognition in Home & Garden magazine as "America's First Exterior Decorator."  The company, The Exterior Decorator®, utilizes John's worldwide knowledge to supply everything from umbrellas to barbecues, to furniture from both Munder-Skiles and competitors.  John works in collaboration with designers to assure that outdoor living spaces receive the same level of attention as the architecture and interiors.  Given the unique perspective he has gained from working intimately on exterior spaces he frequently provides a match making service between clients and designers.

In 1992 John acquired the name The World of Exteriors® for a related communications firm. The first issue of the magazine was printed in 2005 and since then, numerous stories have been edited and photographed.  

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What's next for John Danzer?  He is now diving in to the world of 3D printing and how it can be utilized in the Garden Furniture Industry. 

John Danzer.


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